Performance de Skeena Reece pour le spectacle PIRITI, présenté au MAC le 7 juin 2017 © Valeria Valencia

About What is Indigenous Contemporary Scene?

Today’s Indigenous contemporary scene is prolific, surprising, and diverse. Increasingly interdisciplinary, it highlights multiple facets of Indigenous artists’ identities, while drawing on distinct cultural and spiritual knowledge, as well as colonial experience. Inspired by pop culture, technology and new practices, Indigenous artists offer unique perspectives on today’s world and bear witness to the place they hold in it.


What is Indigenous Contemporary Scene?

Envisioned by Émilie Monnet, Artistic Director of Onishka Productions, Indigenous Contemporary Scene is a platform for the dissemination of performing arts and installations by Indigenous artists. It offers unique spaces for dialogue, exchange and collaboration between artists from different disciplines. By producing Indigenous Contemporary Scene, Onishka brings together artists from different nations, incites new collaborations and celebrates Indigenous artists’ talent and creativity.

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