Performances by Skeena Reece, Charles Koroneho, Laura Ortman in collaboration with AM

Three generations of Indigenous artists, three distinct territories, three short interdisciplinary forms – each a celebration of creativity, cultural resistance, and the transmission of knowledge between generations and individuals. Anchored in their plural identities and their innovative artistic practice, the three guest artists/collective build a bridge – Piriti – to connect the past with the future.

Skeena Reece is Métis/Cree and Tmishian/Gitksan. Her artistic practice includes performance, spoken word, humour, “sacred clowning,” singing, and video art. Charles Kononeho is a Maori artist who works in New Zealand and beyond in the spheres of dance, performance, and visual arts.  Laura Ortman is a White Mountain Apache, a Brooklyn composer, musician, and visual artist. She collaborates with AM, a Montreal-based indigenous collective that imbues the creative process with a sense of playfulness
in their video projections.


Wednesday, June 7, 8 p.m.

Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, MAC
salle Beverley Webster Rolph
185, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal

Regular: 23,50 $
Under 35 and 65 years and above: 21 $
Student and Group presale price 15 ppl: 17,50 $

Service charges apply


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