IETM 2016 Spring Plenary

IETM 2016 Spring Plenary

April 13 to 17, 2015 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) is a membership organization which exists to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment by facilitating professional networking. More than 500 member organizations come from about 50 countries, and from some of the world’s most significant performing arts companies, presenting theatres, producers, festivals, research and resource centres, and supporting institutions.

Emilie Monet was part of the Canadian delegation to the IETM 2016 Spring Plenary in Amsterdam. Coming from across the country, these individuals work in contemporary theatre, dance, inter-arts and contemporary circus art and were selected based on recommendations made jointly by the Audience and Market Development Office, Theatre, Dance and Inter-Arts Sections at Canada Council for the Arts.

IETM is a meeting place for dynamic performing arts professionals who are open and curious, willing to be generous, to engage in a network of mutual support, and to strengthen cross-border collaboration and exchange in the contemporary performing arts. IETM aims to reinforce its cultural players with key information and new knowledge, whilst also offering them unique opportunities to operate transnationally and to engage creatively across Europe and beyond.

The theme of the 2016 Spring Plenary is Live arts in Digital times.