Tsekan: artistic residency at Aux Écuries theatre

Tsekan: artistic residency at Aux Écuries theatre

February 02-06, 2016

Une nouvelle étape de création pour le spectacle TSEKAN avait lieu à Montréal au courant de la première semaine de Janvier. L’équipe de création était accueillie par le théâtre Aux Écuries à Montréal.

In light of the Seven Fires prophecy, Tsekan looks at pressing, even alarming, issues such as the destruction of the environment, contaminated water in First Nations Territories, and the epidemic murder and disappearance of indigenous women. Combining poetry, indigenous languages and technology, the protagonists in Tsekan offer a dream-like vision of what is at stake in today’s world. Projections skillfully overlaid on an ingenious set design reinforce the breadth of the performance, plunging the spectators into a timeless, often mysterious atmosphere. Enhanced by a film-like soundtrack, spectators are taken on a voyage into the boundless time of the prophecy.

Tsekan will be Onishka Productions next creation and will be presented  in June 2016. More details will be given soon!

photo credit: Gonzalo Soldi